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Clinical Department

We provide comprehensive eye & visual examinations for infants, children & adults as well as medical eye services that go above & beyond general eye care.


  • Detailed patient history

  • Measurement of current visual acuity

  • Evaluation of current glasses prescriptions

  • Vision related screening tests including: pupil testing, eye movements, visual fields

  • Measurement of the intra-ocular pressure to evaluate glaucoma risk

  • Screening blood pressure testing

  • Detailed near vision analysis including alignment & focusing posture

  • Determination of the refractive state of the eyes to identify the need for a glasses prescription (special visual demands & needs are taken into consideration)

  • Detailed assessment of external & internal ocular health (includes pupil dilation) & related systemic health conditions

  • Thorough education & consultation with the patient regarding their visual health care status (includes recommendations for treatment, management & future care)


Diabetic eye care

Ocular trauma, infections, iritis & herpes

Diagnosis of retina detachments

Macular degeneration care

Glaucoma care

Cataract, glaucoma & cornea surgeries

In-house laser procedures

General medical eye care

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Optical Department

We have three talented & knowledgeable opticians who have years of experience in the optical world and are ready to answer your questions about glasses & contacts.

Some of the current brands of eye wear we offer include:



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We are always rotating products carried in our optical department, so be sure to check our Facebook page or stop by during your next visit to see what's new.

Our optical department is capable of offering a variety of special services such as frame adjustments, screw & nose pad replacements, prescription verification and pupillary distance measurements.

Our opticians are happy to assist with further questions - they are here as long as the doors are open!

Patient Stories
"I used Edmonds Eyecare when living in Seattle.  I have lived 150 miles south for 9 years, and I still go back to Edmonds Eyecare."  Jack Swanson
"Always enjoy the friendly staff." 
Mary J. Jones
"Thank you for taking time to explain things clearly to me!  You guys are awesome!"  Elaine M. Wilkinson
"I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of everyone at Edmonds Eyecare."  Megan Blomquist

Read more stories & reviews by our patients

Our Doctors
Glen R. Owen  OD, FAAO
Benjamin M. Stoebner  OD, FAAO
Bryan S. Karrick  OD, FAAO
Andrew P. Davis  MD, FACS
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